The Course

The “a.p.e – Advertising Principles Explained” course is comprised of 8 sessions outlined below. As well as carefully curated references, frameworks, key takeaways and exercises to help support your learning.

a.p.e. - course map
a.p.e. - course map

What does it include?

A Show Business - course icon

Session 1

A Show Business

This episode outlines the foundational assumptions of both the showmanship and salesmanship advertising schools, their significance, and their implications for creative style.

Advertere - course icon

Session 2


In this episode, we explore the nature of attention to understand effective advertising. Orlando interviews neuropsychologist Dr. Iain McGilchrist to discuss broad and narrow attention and their connection to creativity. 
The Digital Pinch - course icon

Session 3

The Digital Pinch

Modern media are leading to an increasing emphasis on Salesmanship advertising. This episode shows you the opportunity for Showmanship across media today.

Creative Revolution course icon

Session 4

Creative Revolution

To spark a new creative revolution, we learn from the last. In this episode, we’re in 1960s Madison Avenue, examining Bernbach’s principles and his agency’s work to understand how to stand out.

Moto e Azione - course icon

Session 5

Moto e Azione

In this episode, we revisit this principle from the ‘age of affect’ to create engaging advertising. We discuss connecting with audiences through expressivity, movement, and human interaction.

The Fluent Device - course icon

Session 6

The Fluent Device

This episode delves deeper into the third mental shortcut for choice: fluency, and its relevance in advertising. We discuss the benefits of fluent devices and draw insights from successful practitioners on their creation.
Leaving room for the mouse - course icon

Session 7

Leaving Room For The Mouse

To be remembered, create a smile in the mind. This episode explores how humour can be used to find the drama in your product – to enhance attention, ensure understanding and leave a positive impression.

Giving Triumph A Chance - course icon

Session 8

Giving Triumph A Chance

In this concluding episode, we delve into the creative process, the pitfalls and benefits of research and the role of imagination in generating advertising with impact.

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